A weekender by the coast or in the country, a granny-flat, a great source of rental income, a beauty studio, massage therapy office, a unique shop front.

The Cottage/Granny Flat Series will provide you with a great deal of space enabling a fully self-contained unit for the elder child or in-laws when extra privacy is required or ideal caravan park accommodation.

Ranging from 7.2×4.8m to 9.6×4.8m the Cottage/Granny Flat Series is too available in both Classic Beach and Traditional Country Styles and ideally fits an ensuite bathroom and pssibly a small kitchenette and a lounge area for relaxing or watching tv. The 1.2m verandah (standard across all of our Cabins and Cottages) is also a great place to read a book, catch some sun or have breakfast in the morning light.


The NSW Government has made granny flats, easier and faster to build. We aim to help mums and dads create a place for those who need a space of their own, like elderly parents or those generation Y children who haven’t yet left home. These secondary dwellings also give families the chance to use a Granny Flat as a source of additional income in these challenging economic times.
Feel free to download the complete information on the mentioned(above) NSW Government’s Affordable Housing Policy – link attached below.

Downloadable NSW Government Policy Flyer

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