A question we are asked on a very regular basis is, “So, do you handle all the planning and approval for the job?”

We are glad to answer that we can handle the entire project from start to finish. As a professional builder we pride ourselves on the putting the customer first and making the entire experience one that is seamless and stress free. Our very experienced team of employees and contractors are very well versed in the works we do and have gotten the practice down to an art, making it a hassle free and quick completion.

The typical process in having your initial dream or concept made reality is that we arrange meeting at your home or site or we can discuss any ideas or plans at our showroom/office on the Northern Beaches. In that time we can discuss the particulars of the projects and collaborate on any changes that may work for budget, arrangement or function. We will also make preliminary site assessments, and relative online checks with Local Council websites and our Private Certifying Authority (PCA) to ascertain the feasibility and appropriate pathway for approval. We will advise to maintain certain design requirement to satisfy the parameters of NSW Complying Development Controls as this reduces projected time frames, application creation and ultimately cost.

With a draft plan figured out we can quote the project with all inclusions required, ready for acceptance.

Once the quotation is accepted we will have our PCA visit the site and provide advice on all requirements needed for approval, this is a requirement for approvals and will give a detailed summary of all effecting items on the proposed property site that need to be satisfied. (This will weed out any hidden nasties) Typical items required for issuance of a CDC are;

Site Plan, Construction Plan with Specifications, Sediment Control Plan, Stormwater Management Plan, BASIX Certification (Building, Energy and Sustainability Assessment i.e.. power, water, insulation/energy requirements) Sydney Water Approval, Engineering Certificates, Long Service Levy Payments, Home Warranty Insurance (provided by builder), any Local Government Development controls measures/documentation and/or Security/Infrastructure Bonds. (these items may or may not be required are purely dependent on site specific assessments)

The generations of these documents usually takes around 3 weeks with the reliance on other contractors to perform some assessments. Once all paperwork is in order it is submitted to the PCA for assessment, with the aim of a 10 business day approval.

Under CDC neighbours are required to receive 14 days notification that development is likely to occur on the subject lot and again once the CDC is issued, there is the requirement for 7 days prior to any works commencing.

By choosing Backyard Cabins as your builder for the project you can be assured that we will guide you through every step of the project and make it as smooth going as possible. We are extremely experienced in the approval processes required for a wide range/scale of projects and are happy to assist in getting everything in check so you you can enjoy your new space as quick as possible.

Our business has seen us deal with a vast array of Government Bodies, Consultative Practioners, Inspectors and assessors and we have done business from the far NSW South Coast right along coastal NSW to the border of QLD as well as many inland regions in between. This experience is further extended to dealings by kit supply-only projects that have seen deliveries to ACT, QLD, VIC, WA, SA and TAS. Though we don’t erect the finished the product, we can supply all the necessary paperwork to satisfy your local development requirements.