Backyard Cabins is a family business that was established in 1990 after we noticed an ever-increasing demand for smaller detached residential-type construction. Throughout our 25+ years of operating, we have amassed a portfolio of over 850 projects within the specialised market of small detached residential Cabins, Cabanas, Cottages, Garden (granny) Flats and bespoke Garden Sheds.

Backyard Cabins has developed a reputable name and it’s products have provided a welcome solution to many family homes and properties in search of that extra space without the excessive costs, time-consuming delays and immense disruption that comes with conventional renovations, alterations, and additions.

Our stylish and functional designs have been the perfect match for clients in need of a home office, workshop, man cave, teenage retreat, extra storage, a spare guest bedroom, a self-contained second dwelling/garden cottage, rumpus/den detached studios, pool house, cabana, or a weekend hideaway. The range of uses for our lovely Backyard Cabins is endless and they are no doubt sure to add a welcome centerpiece to your backyard as well as adding value to your property overall.

We pride ourselves on delivering a wonderful product and an enjoyable experience and have a fully licensed team of tradespeople who are more than happy to see your visions come to reality in the smoothest possible process.

Give us a call to see how one of our Backyard Cabins can unlock your property’s potential value and a more flexible amenity to your home.



  • Experienced and reliable team of tradespeople
  • Fully licensed, insured and safety oriented team
  • Customer first approach to business
  • Transparent communication from concept to completion

“We firmly believe that Backyard Cabins provide a smarter alternative to the typical renovation option of the family home. Through thoughtful design and quality construction, you can achieve a flexible and multipurpose space that can accommodate the ever-changing dynamics and needs of your family. Our wide range of attractive products and extensive experience in this market is a reflection of our passion for simpler and smarter options that still add value to your home.”

Our easy steps process for you to enjoy one of our Backyard Cabins