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The family home is very often the most powerful asset available to a homeowner to achieve their financial goals and perhaps complete financial freedom.

We believe that investment in your home or investment property can often be the most financially rewarding decision you can make. Our range of smartly designed and appointed Garden Sheds, Cabins, Cottages, Cabanas, Detached Studios offer another scope to value-adding developments to your home.

Our extensive experience in this niche market has assisted us to develop a successful recipe for seeing your initial ideas come to reality.

We have been operating since 1990 and have a portfolio of over 850 projects that have been meticulously thought out, planned and approved, constructed and delivered to happy customers all over Sydney and frequently regional NSW areas.

We understand, completely, the complex processes that surround residential development and have the know-how and an ongoing working relationship with professional consultants to be engaged to get all the necessary planning documents compiled and approved and through both Local and State Planning Processes.

1. Free Onsite Assessment and Appraisal

  • Pre-appointment research to define lot details of zoning, hazards and special constraints
  • Discuss the proposed design brief with specifications on finish details and service connections
  • Detail the proposed design and investigate its compliance against either Local (DA) or State (CDC) planning controls to determine and advise which process is going to achieve the best outcome overall

2. Quotation

  • Review all work items defined from the site visit and design discussions
  • Detail a formal quotation for the project from start to finish including all inclusions and specifications for a completed Backyard Cabin
  • Be engaged to commence the project in the Preliminary Approval Stage

3. Preliminary Approval

We will control and manage this stage through either the DA of CDC avenues. Broadly, traditional DA processes are a merit-based assessment of the DA with a Local Government Area (LGA) with regard to a Local Environment Plan (LEP) and its enacted Development Control Plan (DCP). DA allows a small number of variations to a range of applicable controls due to an understanding that all properties are unique and have their own individual factors influencing any potential designs. Generally, so long as the proposal is in keeping with the local suburb character and not drastically impacting nearby amenities, an approval will likely be granted.

CDC, however, is a NSW State Government Planning process which is administered and issued by a Private Certifying Authority (PCA). Applicable controls are defined in either the Complying Development Code SEPP or the Affordable Housing Code SEPP and any proposed designs must comply with a prescribed list of controls applicable to site for the type of development proposed. Controls related to zoning, lot size/width, site coverage, landscape area, floor areas, setbacks, and heights.

Although differing in method, mostly the documents required remain the same and require the production of;

  • Detailed lot survey
  • Architectural Plans: Site, Floor, Elevations, Landscape
  • BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) Energy Assessment of the design. More info click here
  • Statement of Environmental Effect (DA only)
  • Stormwater Design Plan
  • Structural Engineering Plan (for more intricate designs only)
  • Flood Consultant report (for DA and CDC where lot effected by Flood Hazard Zoning)
  • Special Hazard Reports (for lots affected by Bushfire and Geotechnical Landslip Zoning)
  • Arborist Assessment (available to DA only for building within 5m of a protected tree species)
  • Payment of DA or CDC/PCA Fees
  • Local Development Bonds and Levies Payment
  • Planning Certificate 149 (Parts 2 & 5) for design/planning purposes.
  • Any other site-specific document as requested by approving authority
  • Long Service Levy (NSW Government requirement paid by the homeowner)

4. Contract Exchange

  • Full review of all approval documents and final consultation with the client with any changes to the scope of works being discussed for final pricing
  • Final fixed price building contract produced inline with state-building regulation and Fair Trading Guidelines outlining the agreement between Backyard Cabins and the homeowner. Outlines all details regarding the project specifications, payment terms and administration
  • Backyard Cabins to attach Builders Warranty Insurance to the contract. This protects YOU, the homeowner. More info click here

5. Construction

  • Commence construction of one of our beautiful Backyard Cabins
  • We are a professional outfit of experienced tradespeople who are friendly, reliable and hardworking
  • Backyard Cabins is fully communicable with every facet of your build and will guide you through all details and decisions required well ahead of schedule to eliminate any stress on you
  • We administer a thorough and ongoing quality control process throughout the whole build on top of required critical stage inspections by the PCA
  • We will deliver you a properly finished product that is satisfying of all building and development controls and standards

6. Handover

  • Produce an Occupation Certificate (OC) which is the final approval for the development overall (where planning/approval processes are applicable)
  • Walk through the build with you, the homeowner, and explain features and details as required
  • Offer avenues to provide feedback on your experience with Backyard Cabins as we endeavour to grow, learn and continue to deliver happy clientele